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3MA Project (Madagascar, Mali, Morocco)

Concert times

  • May 29th 19 h. Šv. Kotrynos Bažnyčia, Vilnius
  • May 30th 19 h. Kauno filharmonija, Kaunas


  • Ballaké Sissoko: kora
  • Rajery: oud
  • Driss el Maloumy: valiha

“3MA” is a band that connects three highest level musicians from very different African regions geographically and culturally: the kora master Ballake Sissoko (Mali), the oud virtuoso Driss El Maloumi (Morocco) and the valiha (tubular citrus) performer Rajery (Madagascar).

This trio produces magic through their music because of the maturity of the personalities and three different instruments. Every piece by “3MA” is a unique chemical reaction. This trio comes together for performances because of their friendship and the pleasure of performing together. These performances enriches their solo careers. And the listener is surrounded by soft and peaceful harmony, vital energy and universal poetry in these performances.

In 2002 Rajery was recognized as the best performer by “RFI World Music Award”. He tours in Europe a lot but never forgets his activities in the home land: he is organizing the music festival of Morocco, is participating in an educational activities, musical therapy and also reforestation.

The hundred year tradition of griot family music is performed by Ballake Sissoko fingers. The endless creativity of his encouraged him to collaborate with an Italian pianist Ludovico Einaudi, the Iranian percussionist Keyvan Chemirani, a lira performer Ross Daly from Crete, a cello artist Vincent Segal and also join to the sound track of the movie “Timbuktu” (2015) that won the “Cesar” award.

The third member of “3MA” is Drisa El Maloumi. He has education in the Western and Arabic classical music. His origin is Berber. Drisa El Maloumi is respected for his wide cultural experiences, his endless craftsmanship and his curiosity. These qualities helped him to create joint musical projects with a jazz trumpet player Paolo Fresu and an Indian slide guitar player Debashish Battacharya. During the last twenty years Drisa El Maoumi is one of the main performers in an ensemble “Hespèrion XX”, the director of Agadir’s Music Conservatoire and successfully continues his solo career.



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