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Past concerts

Past concerts

Festival „Kaunas Blues“
On October 6-7, 2023, blues is coming to Kaunas! "GM Gyvai" presents the first-ever organized and annual city blues festival "Kaunas Blues". Come, be part of history in the making, and let the rhythm of the blues guide you on an unforgettable journey of sound and emotion.
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Pasaulis skamba
Pasaulis skamba - music festival organized for the second time, inviting to broaden horizons and get acquainted with modern world music from various parts of the world.
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April 21-25
Festival ORIENT
This April, let's turn to the vast Orient!  On April 21-25th. we are preparing a festival, spreading oriental experience: 3 bands - "Dhoad Gypsies of Rajasthan" (India), "Fanna-Fi-Allah" (Pakistan-Canada) and Algerian nomads, selected in the ethnomusicological expedition...
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2022 December 18-19
Sugar Blue is a Grammy Award-winning harmonica genius best known for his signature riff and solo part on the Rolling Stones single Miss You. One of today's hottest harmonica virtuosos, he does things with the instrument that leave audiences breathless - purring, squealing,...
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2022 September 30 - October 2-6-7
Bani Hill Band (Georgia)
Returning to Lithuania for the fourth time, "Bani Hill Band" is a music group from Sakartvelo with positive energy, which quickly impressed our audience with the joy and temperament of their sounds, invited to dance and always left a feeling that it is worth repeating. The fiery...
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Pasaulis skamba 2022
From May to August, we invite you to the most colorful music festival, where even 12 collectives from 5 continents will perform.
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2022 March 24
„Kodo“ (Japan)
Taiko drum ensemble Kodo returns to Lithuania to celebrate its 40th anniversary with a special program Tsuzumi. A breath-taking, highly choreographed and dynamic exploration of the limitless possibilities of the traditional Japanese drum.
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2022 February 12-13
Kayhan Kalhor and Kiya Tabassian (Iran)
Persian music, in continuous evolution for millennia, is an art that is at once tremendously refined, rich, and touching. With this concert, Kiya Tabassian is returning to his musical roots and at the same time joining forces once again with the great musician Kayhan Kalhor, one...
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2021 November 12-14
Tuvan National Orchestra
The republic of Tuva is a special land. It is a heart of Asia. It is hidden in the surrounding of the Altai Sayan Mountains that is difficult to cross and in the north there is Mongolia’s boarder.
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2021 October 19
It is about “DakhaBrakha”  - world music band from Kiev the capital city of Ukraine. They are creating unexpected, intimate new music world that is called “etno-chaos”. This etno-chaos creates music from Ukrainian folk, indie rock, punk, hip hop,...
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2020 February 6
Kodo - One Earth Tour 2020: Legacy | (Japan)
Kodo comes to Lithuania in order to introduce us with the supernatural nature of taiko, it is the most known and respected group of this style, and they are considered to be the ambassadors of taiko in the world. A team of...
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2019 November 9
FAUN – when the myths were real (Germany)
The mystery of nature inspired people to create myths and opened their imagination. One of the oldest Roman deities was Faun – the god of fields, forests, pastures and animals, he was half human, half goat. This wild spirit...
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2019 September 27-29
Anthony Joseph - The spirit of Caribbean music from Trinidad and Tobago
This is not so common that Caribbean music performers come to Lithuania, especially from distant Trinidad. We are therefore delighted to meet Anthony Joseph, one of the most talented and attractive contemporary music composers,...
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2019 August 21-22
ANTHONY GOMES (Canada) - Blues Rock!
Anthony Gomes, #1 Billboard Blues Artist, is a triple threat force as a guitarist, vocalist and songwriter. This, along with his high-energy shows and dynamic stage presence, make him one of the top draws on the Rock/Blues circuit today.
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2019 July 29-31
Leon Beal and Sax Gordon
It is difficult to find pure and authentic R&B and soul music authors on the scene of contemporary festivals. However, they exist and they come to Lithuania! Leon Beal – an American musician who fascinates listeners from all over the world, he was born in the scene of...
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2019 May 19-20
Tuvan National Orchestra
The republic of Tuva is a special land. It is a heart of Asia. It is hidden in the surrounding of the Altai Sayan Mountains that is difficult to cross and in the north there is Mongolia’s boarder.  To get to this autonomous republic of Russia is quite hard because...
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2019 April 26-28
BIG DADDY WILSON (USA-Germany) Intelectual blues
Big Daddy Wilson's work combines blues, gospel, roots, soul, funk and reggae, giving impeccable form of music that you want to listen to more and more. By incorporating his favourite instruments, conga, cajon and other...
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2019 March 21-23
Samba Touré (Mali)
Sounds of nowadays Mali and Western Africa are often called the blues of the desert. The desert blues is so much similar to the Southern Americas blues that is easy for the listeners to accept it. The genre gained international acknowledgment due to this similarity. The desert...
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2019 December 7-8-9th.
GURDJIEFF ENSEMBLE (Armenia) - The old music
A group of best musicians in Armenia gathered and decided to establish “Gurdjieff Ensemble” in the year 2008. Ensemble use authenthic, ancient eastern instruments to recreate the legacy of Georgij I. Gurdzijav....
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2019 February 1-3th.
ANA ALCAIDE Travel myths and legends
December 7th 19h St. John church, Vilnius  *  December 8th 19h club “Ramybė”, Palanga  *  December 9th 18h Cultural center of Kaunas, Kaunas. Ana Alcaide is a musician and composer from Toledo, Spain, who carries out research on ancient...
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2018 November 5 th.
Dakha Brakha (Ukraine)
November 5th Vilnius Congress Hall, Vilnius It is about “DakhaBrakha”  - world music band from Kiev the capital city of Ukraine. They are creating unexpected, intimate new music world that is called “etno-chaos”. This etno-chaos creates music...
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2018 September 28-29-30th.
EIVØR (Faroe Islands)
September 28th Club "Ramybė", Palanga   *  September 29th VDU Great hall, Kaunas  *  September 30th St. Johns Church, Vilnius Eivør Pálsdóttir is the most recognized musician of Faroe Islands and she is going to perform in...
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2018 August 29-30-31th.
Bani Folk Band - Georgian fire
Georgia has very rich choir culture and only few countries around the world could compare to that culture. Georgian polyvalent singing is special due to three voice technique and all Georgian song and dance culture is very rich and versatile. The choir singing is one of the...
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2018 July 24-25th.
Carlos Johnson vs Chris Cain and “Luca Giordano band” (USA)
Summer is not summer without real good blues from USA in a fresh air. There will be musical fight by the voices and guitars. This time there will be two performers on a stage and they come from very different blues schools...
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2018 July 11-12-13th.
Psychedelic shaman music from Istanbul “Baba Zula” (Turkey)
Istanbul is a city of contrast and a cradle of culture. It is located between Europe and Asia and there lives about 14 million people that have different traditions, religions, languages and experiences. The city is colorful...
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2018 May 29-30th.
3MA Project (Madagascar, Mali, Morocco)
“3MA” is a band that connects three highest level musicians from very different African regions geographically and culturally: the kora master Ballake Sissoko (Mali), the oud virtuoso Driss El Maloumi (Morocco) and the valiha (tubular citrus) performer Rajery...
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2018 April 27-28d.
Kayhan Kalhor – the treasure of Persian music (Iran)
Kayhan Kalhor (Iran) is a first-rate performer, virtuoso of kamencheh who is creating strong and valuable musical sensations. His music is refined, sensual and radiant with Middle East tradition. This performer invites listeners...
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2018 April 6-7d.
Mathis Haug (France, Germany)
Mathis Haug is these days nomad and intelligent of the musical world. He takes inspiration from Bob Dylan, Robert Johnson and Tom Waits. He makes a subtle mix by connecting sounds, poetry and his own insights and creates deep and meaningful music by singing about real life. His...
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2018 March 2-3 d.
„Lo‘Jo“ – French magic
“LO’JO” – it is a legendary sextet from France. Not going to their concert is almost indecent. This band performs more than 30 years and they have released 15 albums during that time. Also they have started a legendary festival in Mali “Festival in...
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2017 December 15-16
Naghash Ensemble ( Armenia)
The sound of ancient Armenia reinvented for the 21st century."— Tigran Mansurian, famous Armenian composer.  The Naghash Ensemble combines the earthy spirituality of Armenian folk song, new classical music, contemporary post-minimalism and the energy of rock and...
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2017 December 2-3
Nomad music – “Huun-Huur-Tu” and “ANEWAL”
Nomad is a traveling tribes. They are unique and mysterious as places where they live. Those places are located in magnificent and at the same time harsh natural havens like deserts, steppes, tundra. Unfortunate but those kind of...
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2017 November 5-7
Mad Meg (USA)
Eclectic „Mad Meg“  is compared to „Gogol Bordello“, Tom Waits, Nick Cave, „Botanica“, „Balkan Beat Box“  and  „A Hawk And A Hacksaw“. Eclectic, blending different genres in their performance - from jazz...
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2017 October 20-22
Anna&Elizabeth - music from Appalachian mountains ( USA)
In 1607 the first English colony is being established in Virginia. In mountains of Appalachian meets English, Scottish, Irish migrants and Africans that were brought by force to slavery. Everybody has a tough time –...
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2017 August 17-20
ORKESTA MENDOZA -  is an exceptional  band of mambo music. They have been in Lithuania 2 years ago and they are coming back to make you dance. It is one of the most interesting Latin music bands that combines mambo, cumbia, blues and physoelic elemnts into their...
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2017 August 4-6
Sax Gordon ir Toni Lynn ( USA/Italy)
The first lady of Bostob blues stage Toni Lynn Washington together with saxsophonist mastere Sax Gordon – powerful soul and R&B music concentration. Talented Sax Gordon perfectly like no other continues and develops wonderful American R & B saxophone tradition. Thank to...
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2017 June 12-13
“Hazmat Modine” (USA) is one of the most original bands of New York. They do play simple, crazy, fun blues that was played in New Orleans saloons and mixed with gypsy music. The bands driving force is mouth harmonicas, tuba, drums, guitars, banjo, big section of wind...
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2017 May 17-20
The World Premiere of their first album that was recorded and created in Lithuania. So this album was born from the depths of the human soul, where limits disappear. And where the American Blues musician felt his African roots and the African Griot storyteller welcomed the...
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2017 March 28-29
Bassekou Kouyate ir Ngoni Ba (Mali)
Bassekou Kouyate (Mali) is one of the most famous now day’s ngoni instrument masters from Western Africa. This performer was nominated for “Grammy” and also he is an ambassador of ngoni, a visionary of African music and he has won over the sympathies of music...
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2017 March 2-4
Delgres (Guadeloupe/France)
„Delgres“ is a powerful trio, a missing link between french, caribbean and US cultures. Soaked in blues though urban and open to the world. No nostalgia here in this blues, but today’s music that sounds  between Ali Farka Toure,Tinariwen and the Black...
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2017 February 3-4
Violons Barbares - guttaral singing, amazing violin‘s sound and percussion beat
The name of the band can be accounted for by the fact that two of the musicians play folk stringed instruments. Their music is a refreshing mixture of the national traditions of the three countries, at times reminiscent of a rock...
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2016 December 8-14
Roland Tchakounte -Afroblues Music Star
As a blues musician, age can certainly help to give your audience the impression that your music is the result of a lifetime of sorrow and experience, but says the relatively youthful Cameroonian blues musician Roland Tchakounté, “In Africa, we have a tendency to do...
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2016 November 10-11
Ablaye Cissoko and Volker Goetze – Power of kora and trumper
It is an usual duo of  kora player Ablaye Cissoko (Senegal) and the trumpeter Volker Goetze (USA). This duo is a spiritual journey that goes along with a free jazz and a music of mandingo. The friendship of these two...
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2016 October 26-27
Banda Magda - music that breathes cinema colors
“Banda Magda” is a band that can’t be tamed in one genre. It is a world music band that has qualities of samba, French chanson, Greek folk song motives, Columbian cumbia, afro-Peruvian and north south Brazilian...
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2016 August 10-11
Nora Jean Bruso ir Luca Giordano Band (USA/Italy)
Nora Jean Bruso (USA) is the real queen of blues. The listener hearing the first song performed by her feels the taste of this genre. This vocalist introduces a listener to an inner drama and with the passion she sings she is...
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2016 August 2-3
Chico Trujillo (Chile)
The band “Chico Trujillo” has earned the name of world class party band. This band is one of the most known bands from Chile. Musical pieces of this band are being played almost in every party from north to south corners of the country. The “Chico...
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2016 July 12-13
Otis Taylor ( USA )
Otis Taylor is an extraordinary artist who had experience working with the legendary “Deep Purple” member Tommy Bolin, musical improvisation by the great talent of Jimi Hendrix and recorded several songs for the album "Definition Of A Circle with Gary Moore.
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2016 March 15-16
Titi Robin and Mehdi Nassouli (Marocco/France)
Titi Robin is going to perform in March in Vilnius and Kaunas for the second time. He is known as strong visionary musician from France. This artist draw crowds of listeners up few years ago where he performed with world music...
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2016 February 6-7
Vardan Hovanissian and Emre Gültekin (Armenia/Turkey)
Vardan Hovanissian is master of an instrument called duduk and Emre Gültekin is master of a sazo instrument. They are going to introduce their first album together called “Adana”. This album is dedicated to...
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2015 December 14-20
“Sergio Mendoza y La Orkestra” is an exceptional big band of mambo music. You have never seen anything like it. This band is one of the most interesting Latin music bands that is being led by charismatic Sergio Mendoza. This orchestra sometimes  can have...
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2015 November 12-13
Huun Huur Tu ir Etran Finatawa (Tuva Republic/Niger)
For the first time two bands from diffrent sides of the world meet on “GM Gyvai” stage – “Etran Finatawa” from Niger and “Huun-Huur-Tu” from Tuva Republic. A combination of these two...
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2015 October 16-18
Kayhan Kalhor ir Erdal Erzincan (Iran/Turkey)
Kayhan Kalhor – one of the most powerful and creative artist who represents clasical Iranian music. His tunes („Faryad“, „Without You“ ir „The Rain“) were nominated to...
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2015 September 25-26
Sona Jobarteh (Gambia)
Sona Jobarteh is the first female Kora virtuoso to come from a west African Griot family. Breaking away from tradition, she is a modern day pioneer in an ancient, male-dominated hereditary tradition that has been exclusively handed down from father to son for the past seven...
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2015 August 18-19
Mighty Mo Rodgers ir Baba Sissoko (USA/Mali/Italy)
Mighty Mo Rodgers is American blues legend.  Baba Sissoko is a musical tradition keeper of Mali music. These two grand musicians will meet on stage in Lithuania. This concert will be unforgetable and uniqe because of blues...
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2015 July 22-23
Alsarah&the Nubatones (Sudan/USA)
Music band “Alsarah & Nubatones” successfully connects African traditions and modern ideas in their music. In this way, they create unique genre – East African retro-pop music. “Alsarah & Nubatones” singer Alsarah is gifted with extraordinary...
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2015 June 23-24
Luke Winslow King band (USA)
Luke Winslow King is a guitar player, singer, composer and song writer of  young generation of USA. He is known for his professional skills playing slide guitar. Also he is known for his interests in prewar blues and traditional jazz. He has performed on CNN,...
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2015 May 13-15
Light in Babylon ( Turkey, France, Iran )
„Light in Babylon“ is a band which characterizes with exceptional rhythm of Istanbul cities crowed of people and variety of sounds. This project is cosmopolitan. Also it is a celebration which combines...
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2015 April 29 - May2
Merope ( Lithuania, Belgium, Spain, Germany, France )
Merope is a world alternative music band consisting of five musicians each hailing from five different countries. With each member supplying their own artistic background, the result is an unique alchemy of sounds.Merope’s...
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2015 March 28-29
American Songbirds Festival ( USA )
„American Songbirds“ is a 7 musicians project. These musicians are young and talented. They perform North American music with originality. Their performances are called festivals because of versatility and soul touching music. „American Songbirds“ is a...
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2015 February 26-28
Forabandit ( Turkey, Lebanon, France )
„Forabandit“ trio - band which multicultural and explores unknown areas of music such as Oksitanian troubadours and Turkish nomad bard traditions - aşık.The meaning of trios name is based on oksitanian language. „Forabandit“ means “being...
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2014 December 11 - 16
Sax Gordon ( USA )
Sax Gordon is one of most thrilling and one of  most interesting players of these days musical world. This talented musician continues to keep traditions of American R&B performed by saxophone. He does that better than any one else and does that with endless enthusiasm and...
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2014 November 28 - 29
Altai Khangai trio ( Mongolia )
„Altai Khangai“ (Mongolia) is an ansamble of three. They have the ability to make traditional Mongolian music from western Mongolia perceivable for music lovers of today. Passion of musicians, antique instruments, guttural singing hypnotizes, attracts your attention...
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2014 November 3 - 5
Estas Tonne
Estas Tonne is a well traveled troubadour. Last twenty years he spend traveling around the world with his guitar witch had became his spiritual guide and teacher. Estas Tonne performing with his guitar is magical and sometimes his music is said to be like primal sounds of...
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2014 October 2 - 3
Eric Bibb ( USA )
Blues star Eric Bibb is beloved by public for managing to create most beautiful emotions on stage. Critics say that Eric Bibbs music is unique and for filling experience. Eric Bibb reveals world music interpretations through his music. He is able to do this because of experience...
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2014 September 3 - 5
Freedonia ( Spain )
“Freedonia” it is a group of ten professional musicians which has already conquered the major concert venues and festivals in Spain. In their rich music we can hear the influence of blues legends  Etta James, Marvin Gaye, Jackie Wilson and Barbara Acklin as well...
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2014 July 30 - 31
Mighty Mo Rodgers ( USA )
Mighty Mo Rodgers is blues legend from Chicago. He has released 6 music albums, won a huge number of music awards in USA and Europe.
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2014 July 8 - 9
Mamani Keita ( Mali )
Mamani Keita owns of the most charming and mature voices in Mali. The artist knows very well how to captivate, seduce and electrify the audience.
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2014 May 21 - 22
Etran Finatawa ( Niger )
“Etran Finatawa” (Niger) is the first music group which has used two different styles in a modern context of West African nations - Tuareg and wodaabe. Their creation is called a desert nomad blues and is extremely rich  and full of African heat and freedom.
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2014 April 16 - 17
Titi Robin Trio ( France )
Titi Robin trio is project of one of the most powerful and succesful guitarist Titi Robin. This trio is formed by Ze Luis Nascimento – percussionist, Francis Varis – maestro of accordeon and Titi Robin – guitar, ud and bouzouq.
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2014 March 28 - 29
Harry Manx ( Canada )
Harry Manx is a musician who blends blues, folk music, and Hindustani classical music. Manx plays the slide guitar, harmonica, six-string banjo, mohan veena and Ellis stomp box. He studied for five years in India with Vishwa Mohan Bhatt. He has released eleven albums.
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2014 February 20 - 21
Solo Cissokho trio ( Sweden/Senegal/Mexico )
The music of trio is a fancy combination of Swedish, Senegalese and Mexican cultures, emphasizing the individuality of each musician and their unique instrument's sounds.
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2013 December 11,15
„Fanfare de Transylvanie“ ( Romania )
An orchestra “Fanfare de Transylvanie” has a very wide repertoire, which consists of all the Romanian folklore and extremely well-known original Balkan music themes interpretations, relied on such famous creators like...
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2013 November 26 - 27
Minyeshu ( Ethiopia )
The singer is particularly favored by the audience for her colorful, contemporary Ethiopian tradition and Western musical elements creativity. West African, classical, European folk, blues, jazz and Caribbean music in creation of Minyeshu is brought together by the unique...
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2013 November 12 - 13
„Win-Bang“ trio ( Iran )
Trio “Win-Bang” is from Iran; their music involves mystical Persian, Sufi traditions. The trio consists of professional, artfully musicians playing with traditional Persian musical instruments: Samer Habibi (playing kamancheh), Pasha Karami (tombak, percussion) and...
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2013 November 8
"MaLituanie" released concert
“MaLituanie” the first-of-its-kind world music album recorded and released in Lithuania. The album easily and inseparably fuses the harmonies of traditional Malian and Lithuanian music, tells stories of wanderings and homesickness; of new experience in exotic lands,...
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2013 August 18 - 19
Antonio Rivas ( Colombia )
The expressive music of Antonio Rivas is a guaranteed celebration, full of bright colors, virtuosic accordion sounds, sophisticated rhythms and exceptional performer charisma. Antonio Rivas is an upholder and conservator of Latin American culture cumbia and vallenato music...
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2013 July 30 - 31
Makely Ka ( Brasil ) (en)
Makely Ka is a unique contemporary Brazilian music, which combines poetry, folklore and various rhythms of regions of the country and electronic music elements.
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2013 July 23 - 24
Eric "Guitar" Davis and Luca Giordano band ( USA/Italy )
Eric “Guitar” Davis is one of the best of the new generation of blues musicians from Chicago – the capital of blues. Eric’s concert is the energy, impressively controlled guitar sounds and a powerful...
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2013 May 15 - 16
Debademba ( Burkina Faso/Mali )
Debademba band is becoming popular in such a stunningly fast period and its creation is a way of modern African music, characterized by smart composite solutions, incredibly mixed with various West African styles and traditions.
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2013 April 14 - 16
Debashish Bhattacharya ( India )
Debashish Bhattacharya is one of the most fascinating personalities of the world music, whose creativity and a subtle sense of aesthetics makes him real genius. He works with the most famous Indian singers such as Ravi Shankar, Ajoy Chakrabarty, Beria Bhushan Kabra and the...
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2013 March 26 - 27
Lopez-Petrakis-Chemirani trio ( Crete/Spain/Iran )
Lopez-Petrakis-Chemirani is a warm trio from sunny Crete, pulsating life and archaic design. Extraordinary creators are looking for original and modern ways to present the traditions of music.
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2013 February 27- 28
Karima Nayt ( Algeria )
A cosmopolitan artist, awarded by diverse talents, Karima Nayt - is a reminder of the real, original purpose of the art. Karima always shows strong feelings and experiences to the audience and her music is full of Arabic motifs, French sensuality and extraordinary power of voice...
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