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„GM Gyvai”: what, how and why?

Non-profit organisation ‘Good Music Live’ (‘Gera Muzika Gyvai’ in Lithuanian) was established in 2006.

During recent years, ‘Good Music Live’ has been intensively promoting diverse genres and styles of world music. Each month,we present artists from around the globe who performance to audiences in Lithuania’s major cities of Vilnius and Kaunas.

We look innovatively at world music cuisine, and without an equivalent world music promoter neither in Lithuania nor Eastern Europe in general, we acquaint the audience with the musical horizons of various differentnations. We do thisin order to raise awareness and improve mutual appreciation of cultural diversity, and to strengthen unity in Lithuania through the art of music.

Our roots started with blues and jazz, and we now dedicate our efforts to introduce toLithuanian music fans new and exciting genres within world music.

World music was first acknowledged as an independent style of music in the 1980s, and it encompasses both Western-sounding traditional music as well as European, Asian and North American melodies, enriched with elements of ethnic music of the retrospective nations.

The world has become so small that the music of different cultures has begun to blend, giving us new harmonies and unexpected discoveries.

‘Good Music Live’ presents only acclaimed, fascinating artists from the farthest corners of the world. Colombia, Mali, the Comoros Islands, Brazil, Tuva, Zimbabwe… these are just a few of the nations whose artists have been invited to play for music lovers in Lithuania.

We are increasingly working more and more within the community through our links with various companies, cultural institutes, centres, and international embassies. Our audience is diverse, from students to business leaders, who all want to discover something new in music.

We also do not forget young music fans, such as young children and students, who we also invite to see the most varied music stars onstage, live.

Enriching music, a positive atmosphere, new contacts and musical discoveries have become our trademarks at ‘Good Music Live’. Our future is bright, our heads are full of ideas, and we are sure that together we can accomplish lots for world music fans and musicians.


See you in concerts!


„GM Gyvai“ team



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