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About us

„GM Gyvai”: what, how and why?

"Gera Muzika Gyvai" is a non-profit organization that has been introducing Lithuanian residents to blues and world music through its warm concerts since 2006. These concerts bring together modernity and tradition, combining deep traditions with the feelings and experiences of modern people. The concerts feature artists from different countries such as Colombia, Canada, Mali, Comoros Islands, Senegal, Brazil, Japan, Zimbabwe, and more.

"GM Gyvai" is committed to organizing only professional and interesting concerts and festivals such as "Pasaulis skamba", "Orient", and upcoming "Kaunas Blues". We have hosted over 500 concerts in various towns in Lithuania, including many free performances for the public, youth, and vulnerable groups of society.

The organization believes that world music promotes the fusion of different cultures, openness, reveals the commonality of all people, and helps to deepen the understanding of traditions. They aim to bring the audience closer to various cultures, expand musical horizons, strengthen identity, educate, increase mutual respect between peoples and races, and delight the public with the healing sounds of music.

"GM Gyvai" has grown into a community and cooperates with cultural organizations, international festivals, state institutions, municipalities, and embassies. The audience is diverse, ranging from students to managers of huge companies, all looking to discover something new in music.

We promise to deliver interesting, enriching music, positive atmosphere, good emotions, new acquaintances, and discoveries. Moving forward, "GM Gyvai" has many ideas and plans to deliver more in the future, believing that together we can achieve a lot.

See you at the concerts!



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