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ANA ALCAIDE Travel myths and legends


  • December 7th 19h St. John church, Vilnius
  • December 8th 19h club “Ramybė”, Palanga
  • December 9th 18h Kaunas Cultural Center, Kaunas


  • Ana Alcaide: vocal, nykelharp, violin
  • Bill Cooley: oud, psaltery, santoor, percussion
  • Rainer Seifert: guitars

Ana Alcaide's music is inspired by Jewish sefard wonders and hers home town. That is why it is called “The soundtrack of Toledo” that should be heard by everyone. Compositions of Ana Alcaide are born from old traditions but they combine smoothly different music styles of different cultures that comes from medieval Spain and the Mediterranean see region. Unearthly music that can make you feel medieval reminds of Enya, Björk, PJ Harvey and finish folk bank “Värttinä”.

Ana Alcaide met her love – nykelharp- in Sweden in 2000 while studying biology. This instrument is traditional Swedish instrument and it was developed in medieval times. Nykelharp is one of the most complex string instruments in Europe. It is a big instrument shaped as viola, it has strings and keyboard. The artist was mesmeraised by this instruments complexity and depth of sound and she started to train by herself to play with it on the streets of Toledo. And soon enough she became a nykelharp pioneer in Spain.

Ana Alcaide is Spanish musician and composer that has dedicated her new music to legends and myths about women and feminine creatures from all over the world. The essence of femininity is a continuation of nature, light and shadow, unconditional love and hate, tenderness and desires and magic that comes from all of that. Ana Alcaide is inviting to hear hers dreamy music played by nykelharpa and also to become a part of legends, take in the dark side and understand the real meaning of light.

Ana Alcaide has introduced her music in France, Italy, Germany, Morocco, Canada, Bulgaria, Indonesia, South Korea, Uzbekistan, Argentina and Uruguay. She performed in Spain in important places and festivals like “Getxo Folk”, “Folk Plasencia”, “Folk Segovia”, “Parapanda Folk y Festival de las dos Orillas” and many more. She has won an award “Cope Regional” for promoting art in her native region in 2013.

She also was elected by the “Spanish National Radio” to represent Spain in “European UER Festival”. She won an award in music category in “Scenic Arts Awards of Castilla la Mancha” in 2017. She is art director of “Toledo World Music Festival” since 2016.

Ana Alcaide is a brave, feminine and natural creation work. It sound like a mediational praising song for mother earth, it is as a journey through magical world of sounds that is full of legends and femininity. The music is the highest quality and it surprises with its ingenuity, diversification, and modern view of magical world. The artistry is inspired by myths and reflects what we are. Ana Alcaide makes us to get rid of all temporary layers and find and perceive the real me, to hear the powerful voice of the ancestors that is echoing within us and accompanies us through a journey to self-discovery.



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