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Altai Khangai trio ( Mongolia )


  • November 28th at VDU Great Hall, Kaunas
  • November 29th at St. John's church, Vilnius


Ganzorig Nergui - guttural singing,  morin khuur  tobshuur lute.

Garavkhuu Badmaabazar - yoochin and shamanic drums

Naranbat Suuribat - morin khuur.


„Altai Khangai“ (Mongolia) is an ansamble of three. They have the ability to make traditional Mongolian music from western Mongolia perceivable for music lovers of today. Passion of musicians, antique instruments, guttural singing hypnotizes, attracts your attention and makes the listener feel Asian culture up close.
„Altai Khangai“ was founded in 1995 by Ganzorig Nergui, Ganbold Muukhai and Garavkhuu Badmaabazar. They all were born and grown in the same region of western Mongolia between Altai mountains and Khang mountains. This is the place where  guttural singing occurred.

Guttural singing by  Ganzorig Nergui is accompanied by traditional  morin khuur violins decorated with horse heads,  yatga and yoochin zither,  tobshuur lute, shamanic drums,  rumbling flutes,  Jew's harp. The creativity of „Altai Khangai“ musicians is endless due to  variety of instruments their passion. This trio has the energy of whole orchestra and using this power they are telling secret  Mongolian history, reveals traditions and secrets of people's viability of entire nation.

While listening to „Altai Khangai“ music listeners can feel the essentials of Mongolian culture such as obertonic singing. This way of singing is inspired by natural elements so it is difficult because it requires real master of vocal. This way of singing allows one singer to perform a music piece in two voices at a time. One of the most important motives of „Altai Khangai“ music is the greatness of nature. They sing about mountains, clouds, rivers, horses and, of course, love.

In 1999 Ganzorig Nergui master of guttural singing and  Gonbold Muukhai player of morin huur released album „Naariits Biilye“. In 2013 when Mongolian zither and cymbals player  Garavkhuu Badmaabazar joined them they released a new album „Ongod“.

In „Ongod“ album Ganzorig Nergui demonstrates various techniques of guttural singing by two voices at a time. That's how he creates nostalgia, sadness in his timbre. His style of singing becomes similar to that of  Tuva people. In the beginning of every composition you can hear unique sound of two stringed  morin khuur violin which is the symbol of Mongolian culture.

„Altai Khangai“ managed to carry traditional Mongolian music into today. This shows that traditions are alive. This trio awakens listeners deepest emotions with their subtle singing and unusual combination of music tones as their were real shamans. Their music lets listeners fantasy to wonder and create bright visions that leads to Asian culture.



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