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American Songbirds Festival ( USA )


  • March 28th 7pm Russian Drama Theatre, Vilnius
  • March 29th 6pm VDU Great hall, Kaunas

Rachelle Garniez - accordion, vocal
Tim Luntzel - bass guitar

Ashia & the Bison Rouge - cello, vocal
Kyrie Kristmanson - guitar, vocal
Olga Kwiatek - violin
Daisy Chapman - piano, vocal
Sue Lord - violin

Ashia and the Bison Rouge Cello, vocals and Olga Kwiatek: Violin

This beautiful woman presents an entire world of sounds and voices, which she melds, with her cello, into a kaleidoscope of songs.  At play here are her Slavic roots, her Polish mother-tongue, her childhood in the milieu of American Folk, as well as her many Classical loves and projects, together in a round-dance with with pop and punk melodies.  All this is carried by avoice, which can effortlessly glide from dramatic depths, to a throaty alto, to a heavenly-soaring soprano.  In her net, she catches every listener with her mix of cabaret-like sassiness,  diva lyricism, Slavic nostalgia, and playful chanson.  In the US, Ashia belongs to the league of closely-watched younger talents like Joanna Newsom, Regina Spector, and Amanda Palmer, who are mentioned for their mix elements of Classical and Pop. Ashia has performed with Cirque du Soleil.

Rachelle Garniez - accordion, vocal and Tim Luntzel - bass guitar

New York-born Rachelle Garniez  is described as “another kind of Diva”, and as a “certified free spirit” by Billboard Magazine and The New Yorker magazine. “Romantic, rhapsodic, and occasionally very funny” The New York Times describes her unique, lyrical, and melodic story-songs.  Through the years, she’s played with a wide variety of bands: Rock, Blues, Country, Latin, Klezmer, Jazz and Tin-Pan-Alley classics.  Her unparalleled feel for the song proceeds from all these influences,  and “wanders through the genres, leaving sweet ruins in her wake (The New Yorker).  Rachelle  already has 5 CDs  published under her own label Real Cool Records, in the USA.  In 2009 she recorded “My House of Peace” as a single, published  by Jack White on his Third Man Records label.

Kyrie Kristmanson - vocals, guitar, trumpet

Her mature musical accomplishments belie Kyrie Kristmanson’s tender 22 years. Kyrie  writes and sings her own songs accompanying herself on guitar.  These songs have been described by Canadian music experts as “unusual and unique” and “refreshing and engaging”. Her songs are influenced by contemporary Folk, Medieval music, as well as Pop and Jazz, yet they transcend all categories.  According to the Canadian music magazine “Exclaim!” she “answers the question of how Bjork would sound if she were a swamp-boogie queen with a jazz upbringing”.  She has enchanted audiences at the London Jazz Festival, as well as support for Emily Loizeau and Sophie Hunger, among many others.  Her recordings feature spare acoustic guitar, chirping crickets, and filigree percussive elements.  A breezy jazz trumpet delivers the smart  accessory to the perky singer, who delights in philosophizing on the beauties of Nature, mysticism and spirits.

Daisy Chapman – piano , vocals and Sue Lord – violin

Daisy has proved herself as a talented and shrewd songwriter in demand. Two albums have been recorded by renowned producer Ali Chant at Toybox Studios (PJ Harvey, Gruff Giant Sand) including her latest release,“Shameless Winter”.Daisy’s powerful vocals have been used by the likes of John Parish, for his film work, as well as a handful of TV session work. Her piano style and versatility was noticed by UK prog rockers Crippled Black Phoenix , and for two years Daisy travelled as pianist/BVs with the band on tours covering every corner of Europe as well as a short trip to China.Daisy has supported well known artists such as Howe Gelb, Karima Francis and Jenn Bostic as well as booked her own tours in the US and Poland, not to mention label tours across Germany, twice a year since 2009. Two studio albums followed suit, one of which (The Green Eyed, 2009) won an Independent Music Award which then secured her slots at Britain’s leading festivals Glastonbury, Wychwood and 2000 Trees.

The American Songbirds capture our hearts with songs which reach deep inside us, with their intensity, intimacy, and effortless authenticity. The Salzburger Nachrichten newspaper called the festival concept “a damn good idea“. These inimitable artists promise a multifarious evening, consisting of four individual sets, joining together for a fantastic finale!



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