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Anthony Joseph - The spirit of Caribbean music from Trinidad and Tobago


  • September 27th 7 pm VDU Great hall, Kaunas
  • September 28th 7 pm Club Ramybė, Palanga
  • September 29th 7 pm Vaidila theater, Vilnius


  • Anthony Joseph - vocal
  • Andrew John – electric guitar
  • David Olubitan - drums
  • Jason Yarde - saxophones
  • Thibaut Remy - guitar
  • Richard Baker - percussion

This is not so common that Caribbean music performers come to Lithuania, especially from distant Trinidad. We are therefore delighted to meet Anthony Joseph, one of the most talented and attractive contemporary music composers, an avant-garde man who exudes creativity inspired by the Caribbean spirit, both in music and literature, and presents a unique genre of Calypso.

Trinidad is the largest island of Trinidad and Tobago in the south of the Caribbean Sea, near and the coast of Venezuela and Grenada. Christopher Columbus himself discovered an island that has 1.252 million inhabitants and named it the Blessed Trinity.

Trinidad and Tobago has a unique musical style, in the 19th century an African-Caribbean genre of Calypso was born, it is close to West African and French traditions in its rhythms. It includes Jamaican ska, reggae, Dominica, Barbados, Haitian traditional sound, as well as soul, funk, Latin rhythms and not so well known melodies of the surrounding islands. The style played an important role not only in conveying the history of the countries, but also as the creator of the language itself, enriching West Indian vocabulary. Its name comes from the word kaiso which in West Africa expresses admiration for a great performance – such as Anthony Joseph inspired by Calypso promises to give you.

Anthony Joseph, who lives in the UK but comes from Trinidad, is a poet, writer, musician and lecturer who has got many awards and is like a guide of avant-garde. His works and performances balance between the surrealism, jazz, Caribbean language and music rhythms, and the question arises when you have to introduce him, either to start from music or prose because he is strong everywhere.

In music, Anthony Joseph cherishes the Caribbean roots: his sounds play polyrhythmically as afro beat, funk, blending tunes from Cuba, Jamaica, Trinidad, and Haiti. The pleasant musical line and the fascinating lyrics of the artist reproduce the images of the past, present and future that resonate with real events. Also, a well-measured, rhythmic, textual flow of words leads to a mysterious spiritual journey with a gentle Caribbean atmosphere. The balance of rhythm and poetry drawn by Anthony Joseph makes the body move and encourages thinking and provoking questions.



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