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Bani Hill Band (Georgia)


  • 2022 September 30, Oazė, Kaunas
  • 2022 October 2, Loftas, Vilnius
  • 2022 October 6, Lentpjūvė, Švenčionėliai
  • 2022 October 7, Vandenis, Palanga


  • Mate Pirtskhelava - lute (panduri), vocals
  • Raul Bitsadze - lute (panduri), vocals
  • Besik Metreveli – accordion, vocals
  • Goga Nikoladze – bass guitar
  • Gela Gogishvili - vocals
  • Besik Kvitsiani – keyboards, vocals
  • Beqa Miqadze – drums

Returning to Lithuania for the fourth time, "Bani Hill Band" is a music group from Sakartvelo with positive energy, which quickly impressed our audience with the joy and temperament of their sounds, invited to dance and always left a feeling that it is worth repeating. The fiery "Bani Hill Band" is a beautiful example of the exceptional connection and friendship that binds our countries, and the warm temperament of Kartveli music is extremely charming, moving and inviting to get together.

Young, enthusiastic, positive "Bani Hill Band" stands out from the many vocal bands of Sakartvelo with excellent instrumentation and original arrangements. They combine the traditional polyphonic singing, recognized by UNESCO as a world haritage, with lesser-known instrumental folk styles from all over the Caucasus, the tasteful spirit of pop music and their unique energy. The seven men of the Bani Hill Band captivate the attention with their impressive low vocals, their music moves the body, indulges in rarely heard Kartveli folk melodies and inspires a smile.

Presenting authentic Georgian music in modern times, Bani Hill Band has thousands of fans in the Caucasus region, and is very popular in Chechnya, Abkhazia, Ossetia - you'll definitely hear them playing somewhere when you're traveling in these areas. Bani Hill Band has successfully performed in Belgium, Israel, Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Austria, Czech Republic, Turkey, Ukraine, Korea, they are also known in the Western world. And getting to know them is very worthwhile.

The members of the Bani Hill Band come from different regions of Georgia: both Svan and Megrelia, representatives of the Eastern and Western regions perform together. Together, they perform folk songs from various corners of the homeland and music of other Caucasian nations, uniting the entire Caucasian culture. Their songs talk about love, the divine Georgian nature, strong friendship, respect for the homeland and elders.



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