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Carlos Johnson vs Chris Cain and “Luca Giordano band” (USA)


  • July 24th 7 pm. AD Form Kiemelis, Kaunas
  • July 25th 7 pm. Botanical Garden in Vingis park, Vilnius


  • Chris Cain – guitar, vocal
  • Carlos Johnson – guitar, vocal
  • Luca Giordano - guitar, vocal
  • Walter Cerasani – bass
  • Jan Korinek – keyboards
  • Lorenzo Poliandri – drums

Summer is not summer without real good blues from USA in a fresh air. There will be musical fight by the voices and guitars. This time there will be two performers on a stage and they come from very different blues schools – Chicago and Memphis. Who will win sympathies of listener’s heart? Chicago blues that is originated from Maxwell street incubator and is electronical city blues that has influenced the modern rock. Or the music that was started in 2-4 decades in Memphis and that has elements of early jazz and many folk sounds and has relations with blues Mecca – Beale Street. Carlos Johnson (USA) will represent Chicago blues, Chris Cain (USA) will represent Memphis and everything will be connected into harmony by “Luca Giordano band” (Italy).

Carlos Johnson (1953) is a singer and a guitarist who is representing Chicago blues. He has mesmerized the audience since the eighty’s with his aggressive and passionate performance style. He was very desirable performer by the other blues performers until he became a leader of his own band. He was asked to play with blues musicians like Koko Taylor, Otis Rush, Junior Wells, Son Seals, Valerie Welington, Carey Bell, Buddy Miles and many more.

Carlos Johnson seeked inspiration in blues performers like B.B. King, Otis Rush and Albert King. That lead to one of the most original styles of guitar playing that combines deep and unrefined western Chicago sound with modern, sensual sound, classical jazz elements and undeniable love for country blues.
He is a left handed virtuoso who is playing with inverted guitar. He gathered a crowd of fans even in Japan. He was nominated for “Grammy” two times. He is calling himself da Vinci of blues because he is showing and improving Afro-American heritage to the world.

Chris cane (1955) will be defending spiritual and electronical blues from Memphis. He is exclusive from the other performer due to his deep and warm vocal. Also his guitar style is inspired by the jazz and his sound is full of riffs of blues guitar and that reminds  B.B. King and Albert King. Performers passion and authenticity comes from his Greek mother and Afro-American heritage from his father.

Chris Cain became fan of blues when he was tree years old just after when he went to B.B. King concert. He seeked inspiration in Ray Charles, Freddie King, Albert King and many more. He is a multiinstrumentalist who started his professional guitar player’s career before he was 18. He managed to successfully combine seecrets of jazz and blues studies. His first album won four nominations of “W.C. Handy Blues Award” in 1987. This year he was nominated as the best blues guitar player of the year for Memphis “Blues Music Award”.

Chris Cain was valued and praised by such blues masters as Albert King, Robben Ford. He has performed with Albert King and Albert Collins just after his debut record. His mastery with guitar and personalized songs gained his place on the blues stage and a strength that is blues future.

Together with Carlos Johnson and Chris Cain will perform “Luca Giordano band” (Italia). This band is very well known in Lithuania. Also they are acknowledged as the best blues band in the Europe. They are favorites of the Chicago Blues world performers.  “Luca Giordano band” performed in Lithuania with Nellie „The Tiger“Travis, J. W. Williams, Stevie Zee, Katherine Davis, Sax Gordon, Eric „Guitar“Davis, Mighty Mo Rodgers and Baba Sissoko.

Everyone who has seen “Luca Giordano band” perform leaves their performances with admiration to their band leader’s charisma and extraordinary engagement both within the band and with other performers. This time they will make a fiery tone for Chicago and Memphis musical blues fights or will testify the friendship of these two. Come and hear what will happen!



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