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Chico Trujillo (Chile)


  • August 2nd 7pm. COMBO Teracce in river, Kaunas
  • August 3rd 7pm. Technical Library Garden, Vilnius


  • Macha - vocals
  • Michael Magliocchetti - guitar
  • Juanito - drums
  • Tuto - bass
  • Tio Rodi - percussion
  • Felita - saxophon
  • Zorrita - trumpet
  • Tabilo - trombone
  • Pato - charango & flute
  • Joselo - keys

The band “Chico Trujillo” has earned the name of world class party band. This band is one of the most known bands from Chile. Musical pieces of this band are being played almost in every party from north to south corners of the country. The “Chico Trujillo” connects classical cumbia, bolero, reggae, Latin American, Balkan music in their music. This cocktail of many genres of music is enjoyable for listeners of different generations.

The “Chico Trujillo” has the title of being the creator and innovator of new genre of cumbia from Chile. This is the band that first combined cumbia, ska, reggae, rock music and classical sounds of Chilean music. Every party needs rhythm and “Chico Trujillo” creates exactly that. They do create wild, optimistic cumbia with no boundaries. This band is very much loved by the audience because of the energy they provide during the performances. The rhythm of cumbia is so captivating that it makes all the listeners form different countries to dance. Even if they do not understand the lyrics, they do understand the music and what the band is trying to say with it and they do enjoy that music.

The “Chico Trujillo” began their musical career in 1999 in Valparaíse (Chile). At that moment they   were a project of the band “La Floripondio”. The first songs of the “Chico Trujillo” were created during an improvisational sessions between a main vocalist Aldo Enrique Asenjo Cubillos and his friend Antonio Orellana. The sound they created during those sessions attracted new members to the band. And eventually the number of band members was ten joyful guys.

In 2001 the band released their debut album “Chico Trujillo y la Señora Imaginación”. In their homeland this album was very successful. The listeners were very fascinated by the sound this band were connecting: rock, ska, hip hop, traditional cumbia, Balkan music and gypsy music. No band was ever attempting to do something like that. Even after fifteen years songs from that album is being held as an example.

It is kind of a paradox that music of the “Chico Trujillo” sounds so modern but it is inspired by 6-7 decade generation of the early bands of cumbia. This band connected the smallest bits of past cumbia and the alternative culture that is full of world’s influences under the flag of Latin cumbia. At this moment the “Chico Trujillo” has released eight albums and two of them are records of live performances.

The “Chico Trujillo” is very active band. They have performed in various concert halls all around the world, festivals, universities and many other events. The band has huge tours all around Chile and South America. Also they were performing in “Roskilde Festival” in Denmark (2010), “Nuits du Sud de Vence Festival” in France (2010), “Esperanzah Festival” in Belgium (2010), “House of Blues” in Chicago (2010), they performed more than eighty concerts during Europe tour in 2010 and 2011, they had tour in USA in 2011, “Lollapalooza Festival” in Chicago (2011), “Museum of Modern Art” in New York (2011), “Playboy Jazz Festival” in Los Angeles (2012), “Vive Latino Festival” Columbia (2013) and many more.

The music pieces of the “Chico Trujillo” speaks about life, love, ups and downs in life, but it always colorful, cheeky and fun. There is no doubt that this band is the delight for the listeners. It is intriguing and full of energy.



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