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  • October 19 d. 19 h. Dūmų fabrikas, Dūmų g. 5, Vilnius

It is about “DakhaBrakha”  - world music band from Kiev the capital city of Ukraine. They are creating unexpected, intimate new music world that is called “etno-chaos”. This etno-chaos creates music from Ukrainian folk, indie rock, punk, hip hop, avant-garde, Balkan music and traditional instruments that are from around the world – from Africa, Asia, Arabs and Western countries. This powerful magic capture the listener from the very first sound.

“DakhaBrakha” – is the most breath taking folk from Eastern Europe. They are combining civic avant-garde and the life of Ukrainian village with joy and feelings. They are cultural phenomenon in Ukraine. The fans are attracted by the aggressive sound that is encompassing many of the native rituals and also frenzied, amazing, cacophonic vocals. This is mystical and influential, it dose connect spiritual folk music of Ukrainians, jazz and trans sounds.

“DakhaBrakha” has performed in more than five hundred concerts and spectacles, they performed in many international festivals in Ukraine, many countries of Europe, China, Australia, USA, Canada, Columbia, New Zealand, Brazil. They have been asked to perform in festivals like “Glastonbury”, “Sziget”, “Roskilde” and many others.

“DakhaBrakha” have won one of the most prestigious awards in modern art S. Kuriokhin name “Grand Prix” in 2010, they have become the discovery of Australia’s “Womadelaide” in 2011. The magazine “Rolling Stone” have named the band the “Best Breakout” of the year in “Bonaroo” festival in 2014.

They are the experimenters who did brought to the greatest scenes of the world unique view point into the folk creative world and unearthly depth of harmony from their expeditions in the villages of the Ukraine. At the same time this is avant-garde and holy. “DakhaBrakha” is an authentic symphony that inspires cultural and artful liberation.



Dakha Brakha


  • Olena Tsybulska - vocal, drums, perussion, garmon.
  • Iryna Kovalenko - vocal, djembe, drums, accordion, percussion, keyboards, bugajas, zgaleyka.
  • Nina Garenetska – vocal, violoncello, boss drums.
  • Marko Halanevych – vocal, darbuka, tabla, accordion, trombone, didjeridoo


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