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EIVØR (Faroe Islands)



  • September 28th 7 pm. Club "Ramybė", Palanga
  • September 29th 7 pm. VDU Great hall, Kaunas
  • September 30th 7 pm. St. Johns Church, Vilnius


  • Eivør Pálsdóttir - vocals, guitar
  • Mikael Blak – bass, keys
  • Høgni Lisberg - drums

Eivør Pálsdóttir is the most recognized musician of Faroe Islands and she is going to perform in Lithuania on September. Eivør‘s career is in the peak. She is recognized by almost everyone in her country. She is the man of the year in Faroe because of hers achievements in music. No musician has ever gotten that great of honor by winning this award – Eivør is the first one.

Eivør Pálsdóttir is known by Eivør‘s name in musical world. She is a vocalist, song writer, instrumentalist, she has a voice of a rare beauty that is also powerful. Hers style of music varies from musical source of Faroese, traditional ballads to jazz, country, folk, European classical music, big band style, rock music with the taste of trip hop. This performer calls her style folktronica because of many styles are incorporated. For listener to see and feel this style fully helps sincere lyrics of songs that are performed in Faroe, English and Icelandic.

When Eivør talks about inspiration to create she says, that every situation in your life is filled with music. And she proves that in hers music. Eivør‘s music is earthly, with a secret from the north, immersive and emotional. Because of that this music opens sensitive parts of a listener’s heart and lets you feel it as your own life.

Eivør lives in Denmark. Her music is about love, lost, memories, freedom and nature. Her voice is unique, has a note of intimacy, virtuosity. Her live performances mesmerizes listener with a good mood and warmth.

Eivør was born in Faroe Islands in 1983. She started playing music in her childhood. When she was thirteen years old she performed on Faroe television and won national song contest. When she was fifteen she began her first musical experiments according to faroe musical traditions. Also at that point she joined a rock band “Clickhaze”. After a year she released her debut album that was named after her. That album was the starting point of prolific career.
Eivør and a band “Clickhaze” won the national Faroe group competition “Prix Føroyar” in 2001. After a year she went to Reykjavik to study classical and jazz music. There she became a main member of a jazz band “Yggdrasil”.

Eivør and a band “Clickhaze” recorded a successful album in 2002 and began a tour in Faroe Islands, Sweden, Denmark (they participated in Roskilde festival), Iceland, Greenland. In 2003 Eivør released her second solo album “Krákan”. In the same year she was nominated in Icelandic music awards in three categories – she won in two.

Eivør performed with the Faroe symphony orchestra and she had solo in opera “Firra”. In 2004 she released a record called “Eivør”. It was made in collaboration with Bill Bourne who gave some country sound to it. This record became all-time best-selling album of Faroe in USA and Canada. This record hit to Iceland’s music tops and was nominated in Iceland music awards alongside to Björk‘s album.

Eivør got the name of Faroe man in 2004 because of her input in positive promotion of Faroe Islands through her songs. She was the first resident of the country to get this award. The “Danish Broadcasting Corporation” big band released an album on the occasion of their fortieth anniversary in 2005. And all the songs in that album was written and performed by Eivør. After that there was the National theatre award “Gríma” for performing in “Úlfhamssaga” Scandinavian buttoned-based play. The fifth record of Eivør “Human Child” (2007) got to the best Danish album list. This album has versions in English and Faroe language.

Eivør featuring  classical composer Gavin Bryars created a project “Tróndur i Gøtu” in 2008. This project is based on 10th century Faroe saga hero’s life. In this project Eivør performed with Faroe bass Rúni Brattaberg, choir and chamber orchestra “Aldúbaran”. Eivør was the lead in chamber opera “Marilyn Forever” in 20012 based on Marilyn Monroe‘s life.

In 2010 in album “Larva” this artist changed her style from traditional to fresh and experimental style. She performed with Faroe Island composer Tróndur Bogason, Icelands string quartet “Kaputt”, choir “Mpiri” and children choir of her hometown Gøta.

In 2012 Eivør got married to composer Tróndur Bogason. They were working together while recording an album “Rooms”. This album attained a huge success. It got three Faroe music “Planet Awards” awards. Eivør released a single “Dansaðu vindur” in 2013. This single got into Icelnads music tops.

There were two albums by Eivør in 2015 “Bridges” and “Slør”. The newest and the tenth album of Eivør “Slør” is only in Faroe language. Previous albums were in English or partial English. Faroe language gives to the album dream like quality and the album sounds like a poem. This album and “Rooms”, “Bridges” are a proof that Eivør is at the peak of her career. She became more known when she lent her voice to TV show “Last Kingdom”.
Eivør has won many awards throughout her career: Faroe man of the year (2004), The best female performer in “Planet Awards” (2006, 2009), The best Danish folk singer (2006), The best female performer of the year, The best performer of the year and The best album of the year in “Planet Awards” (2013), “Nordic Council Music Prize” nominee (2013), DJBFA award (Danish jazz, beat, folk music authors) (2013).

The music of talented Eivør Pálsdóttir gives for the listener pleasant shivers and positive emotions due to northern mystery in her music. Her music is relatable to every listener in the audience due to appreciable strong connection to other cultures and traditions, conveyance life through music and strong love for your native culture as in this case Faroe culture.


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