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Eric Bibb ( USA )


  • October 2nd 7pm., National drama theater of Kaunas, Kaunas
  • October 3rd 7pm., Russian drama theater, Vilnius

ERIC BIBB - guitar, vocal

STAFFAN ASTNER - electric and acoustic giutars

Blues star Eric Bibb is beloved by public for managing to create most beautiful emotions on stage. Critics say that Eric Bibbs music is unique and for filling experience. Eric Bibb reveals world music interpretations through his music. He is able to do this because of experience he has gained traveling and working with various artists around the world.

Eric Bibb found his place in music world due to making connections between blues, folk, world, soul, gospel, country, jazz styles of music. Optimism is the main quality of his music. It crosses all borders and musical genres. It invites all of us to wake up and feel happiness.

Eric Bibb has very warm personality. His shows and albums manage to spark hope, gives optimism. Artist communicates with his audience as if their were his friends and sincerely. He shows an example how to open up your heart and invites all of us to do the same. Endless musical trips formed Eric's Bibb  view of the world. He sees the world curiously, with compassion. Also he manages to see him self in other people and he understands that we are more similar than different.

Eric Bibb was surrounded with creativity since childhood. His father Leon Bibb was professional singer of musical theater. His father was inseparable from New York's folk music stage. Also Eric's uncle John Lewis („Modern Jazz Quartet“ jazz pianist and composer), godfather singer and activist   Paul Robeson showed his examples in music world. Some family friends made an impact on Eric also: Odetta, Pete Seeger, Josh White and others.

Eric Bibb grew up surrounded by talents. But until now he remembers one conversation with Bob Dylan. At the time Eric was eleven years old and they talked about art of playing guitar.  Bob Dylan told him to forget all the fancy stuff and do it as simple as possible.

Eric Bibb is guitar player, vocalist, song writer. He has released 35 albums, appeared on many radio and television shows and this he has done during his career that is lasting for forty years. Multiple times he was nominated for „Blues Music Awards“ for albums „Spirit and the Blues“ (2000),„Home to Me“ (2001), „Natural Light“ (2004), „A Ship Called Love“ (2006) in category as best acoustic blues album. Also ho was nominated as the best blues performer in 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2013. Album  „Shakin‘ a Tailfeather“ (1997) was nominated for „Grammy“ as the best album for children.

One of most known albums of Eric Bibb is „Friends“ (2004). This album was released in collaboration with musicians he has met on his journeys:  Taj Mahal, Odetta, Charlie Musselwhite, Guy Davis, Mamadou Diabate and Djelimady Toukara. Also he has released two albums with his father : „A Family Affair“ (2004) and „Praising Peace: A Tribute to Paul Robeson“ (2006 ).

Eric Bibb's performances and albums are very valuable experience as music events and also as spiritual experience. His imagination, professional guitar playing, meaningful lyrics to his music enchants and invites to unite. His blues is full of patience and positive energy and because of that his music is one of the reasons to move forward to happy days. Eric Bibbs blues is like healing session full of liveness.


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