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Estas Tonne


  • November 3, 7pm  at Russian Drama Theatre, Vilnius
  • November 5, 7pm  at VDU Great Hall, Kaunas


  • ESTAS TONNE - guitar
  • REKA FODOR- vocal, percussion, dance

Estas Tonne is a well traveled troubadour. Last twenty years he spend traveling around the world with his guitar witch had became his spiritual guide and teacher. Estas Tonne performing with his guitar is magical and sometimes his music is said to be like primal sounds of universe.

Estas Tonne was born in Ukraine but he dose not identifies him self as part of any nation. He says that he is citizen of whole world. He can claim this status because in his music listener can feel ten different cultures at a time. For Estas Tonne music has became home for his soul. Playing with guitar is practice that Estas Tonne names as guitar yoga.

In Estas Tonne creative work you can feel many styles of music. His music work is unique in this way because you can hear classical guitar, flamenco, elements of gypsy music, Latin rhythms, even electronical music.
Emotion has big meaning in Estas Tonne creative work. His ability to insert emotion into music makes his music even more understandable. He inserts happiness, challenge, tension, open heart, tenderness, divine connection, human anger, doubt, passion and everything that life gives into his music. Every melody is a new flight and soul trembling journey.

Most impressive thing is Estas Tonne improvisations. His improvisations makes you see his talent and you can not resists feeling every little thing in that moment. All musical story's are being touched by all the people that Estas Tonne meets all around the world. The same musical composition can sound differently because of that.
Estas Tonne music can be heard in various places. He played in hundreds of big cities and small villages, performing in streets, concert halls, he plays for rich and for poor, he performs in festivals and small gatherings. He plays everywhere where he is welcome. Places that he feels special bond  are being revisited. Estas Tonne collaborates with different movie, poetry, art, dance meditation, cirque and other project. Since 2010 Estas Tonne works with movie project „Time of the Sixth Sun“.

in witch he characterizes traveling musician and troubadour.
Estas Tonne music is being born from his attentiveness and trance like emotion. This music has unbelievable power that can release you from pain, change reality, create new worlds. This music is unforgettable experience that has to be sheared with others, inspires to create, be inspired and to inspire others.

Reka Fodor - Romanian singer, dancer and percussionist. Artist is performed in the famous Romanian folk bands, have danced in Hargita National Folkdance. She was the lead vocal of a band called Jedam, which combined jazz-funk music with Hungarian traditional folklore elements.

Reka is not only great vocalist, she is amazing percussionist. She is able to play with numerous percussion instruments such as the djarbuka, bongos, cajon, udu „gardony”... etc.

To further her musical knowledge and impulse she moved to Madrid where she found the Flamenco's true temperament and techniques, in dance percussion and singing.


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