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Etran Finatawa ( Niger )


  • The 21 of May, 7 p.m. Russian Drama Theatre, Vilnius
  • The 22 of May, 7 p.m. Drama Theatre, Kaunas

Line - up

  • Alhousseini Mohamed Anivolla: lead voice, solo guitar, percussion
  • Bammo Agonla: lead voice, percussion, dance
  • Mamane Tankari: percussion, backing vocals, dance
  • Goumar Abdouljamil: percussion, backing vocals, 2nd guitar
  • Zaid Ag Abdouljamil: Calebash, Tendé

“Etran Finatawa” (Niger) is the first music group which has used two different styles in a modern context of West African nations - Tuareg and wodaabe. Their creation is called a desert nomad blues and is extremely rich  and full of African heat and freedom.

The group “Etran Finatawa” was founded in 2004, literally the group name means “the stars of traditions”, because this group reveals very rich nations of Niger (Tuareg and wodaabe) cultural heritage. Currently, the group is based on five musicians, two of them are Tuareg and three of them are Fulani-wodaabe tribal’s representatives.

Different Tuareg tribes and wodaabe music creates a powerful combination, hypnotic sound and a new style called the nomadic blues. “Etran Finatawa” songs are performed in two languages: Tuareg tamashek and wodaabe fulfulde. They tell stories of the nomadic life about freedom and isolation, the enormous difficulties and poverty, harsh climate, beautiful women, happy days, animals and their life, holidays and family, stars and desert storms. Some of the lyrics are characterized as healing power because in both cultures music is used as a therapeutic tool.

„Etran Finatawa” music is a new sound, mature voices and modern texts, which express concern about vanishing traditional nomadic way of life. As a result, the group is as a cultural ambassador around the world. “Etran Finatawa” music in Niger became as a cult, and their songs are sung at schools across the whole country.

“Etran Finatawa” has released five albums: “Sahara Sessions” (2013), “Tarkat Tajje / Let's Go” (2010), “Desert Crossroads” (2007), “Introducing Etran Finatawa” (2005 m.) and “Tissiway Fidjo” (2005). The latest album “Sahara Sessions” was recorded in an unusual way somewhere deep in the deserts in an animal skin tent under the midnight stars, “Etran Finatawa” group members were playing guitar and singing with all their heart have developed their latest work.
“Etran Finatawa” began their first musical tour in Europe in 2005 and in 2006 they appeared in the “WOMAD“festival and gained the opportunity to improve even more. Since then they have performed in five continents and they debut album “Introducing Etran Finatawa” has been nominated for the BBC Radio World Music Awards in 2007.
“Etran Finatawa” desert blues strongly expanded musical palette in Sahara. Their creation is full of innovations and experience in the musical life of seemingly dead desert. This is a celebration of life and at the same time deep pain for the endangered cultures of Niger.


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