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Freedonia ( Spain )


  • 3 of September  7p.m. Teachers' House Yard, Vilnius
  • 5 of September  7p.m. Communication History Museum's Yard 837, Kaunas


  • Maika Sitte: vocal
  • Israel Checa: drums
  • Fran Panadero: bass guitar
  • Victor Aceituno: percussion
  • Ángel Pastor: guitar
  • Roberto Garcia: keyboard
  • David Pérez: saxophone
  • Israel Carmona: trombone
  • Luis Soler: trumpet
  • Alex Fernández: saxophone and flute

“Freedonia” it is a group of ten professional musicians which has already conquered the major concert venues and festivals in Spain. In their rich music we can hear the influence of blues legends  Etta James, Marvin Gaye, Jackie Wilson and Barbara Acklin as well as Spanish rhythms, jazz and classical fusions and afrobeat elements.

As a Spanish group “Freedonia” distinguishes by spectacular and immensely energetic performances, various critics have a good opinion about this group, it has won numerous awards and however, as the members of the group say that the biggest victory is full concert halls.

The group does not concentrate in one music style its repertoire is very broad and covers funky, afrobeat, jazz and rock elements. The recent album is filled with a sense of great blues legends Etta James, Marvin Gaye, Jackie Wilson and Barbara Acklin music with afrobeat and Spanish rhythms.

The main singer in a group “Freedonia” is Maika Sitte with an incredible voice, which tends to be similar to legendary blues singer Etta James. Her slightly rough voice cannot leave any neutral listeners. Listening to these groups concert, you can feel like in the third or fourth decade of the 20th century. But this is only a part of the challenge, which is created by ten inspiring musicians, they slightly leads you through the journey in a music world. The latest “Freedonia” program gives us a musical journey from blues to rock. The group has also its own versions of “The Rolling Stones”, “The Animal” and Nina Simone creation.

The newest album under the name “Freedonia” (2012) won the sympathy of music critics, as well as the ”Pop Eye” award in 2012 and it was named as the best discovery of the year and included in the lists of records in “Premio Guille in 2013. You can hear the version of “The Rolling Stones” song “Under my thumb” in this album, which was greatly accepted by the original group. The album “Freedonia” was released with the help of the project crowdfunding, to its appearance more than 200 people contributed.
“Freedonia” music is like a life and friends, playing together in the same direction and moving for many years already. “Freedonia” is an independent group without music managers or agencies and that makes them eve more unique.




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