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GURDJIEFF ENSEMBLE (Armenia) - The old music

Dedicated to the 150th Anniversary of Komitas.
Organized by GM Gyvai and Embassy of Armenia to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.


  • February 1st 7 p.m. St Johns church, Vilnius
  • February 2nd 7 p.m, club “Ramybė”, Palanga
  • February 3rd 7 p.m. Kaunas Cultural Center, Kaunas


  • Levon Eskenian – director and arranger;
  • Emmanuel Hovhannisyan – duduk, pku;
  • Avag Margaryan – flute (pogh);
  • Armen Ayvazyan – kanacha;
  • Aram Nikoghosyan – udas;
  • Meri Vardanyan – canon;
  • Vladimir Papikyan – vocal and santuras;
  • Davit Avagyan – tare;
  • Mesrop Khalatyan – drums (dop, dhol);
  • Norayr Gapoyan – duduk, bass duduk.

A group of best musicians in Armenia gathered and decided to establish “Gurdjieff Ensemble” in the year 2008. Ensemble use authenthic, ancient eastern instruments to recreate the legacy of Georgij I. Gurdzijav. “Gurdjieff Ensemble” is oriented to Armenian music - early, medieval, contemporary, secular, and religious. They are helds as one of the most important ensemble of ancient and medieval music (ECM Records).

The “Gurdjieff Ensemble” consists of more than 10 musicians. They all play authentic and ancient instruments - unforgettable sound duduk and many more which are not so well known - blul, saz, tare, kamanca, udas, kanun, santur, dap, tembouk, dhol, pku, zurna, kshots, burvar.

“Music Of G. I. Gurdjieff” is the first album of the ensemble. It was released in 2011 by ECM. Album was acknowledged widely: in prestigious “Edison Awards”, in 2012, it was nominated in the category “Album of the year” and won. Through the same year album won in National Armenian music awards as a “Best Folk Music Album”. The album was editors’ pick of “Songlines Magazine” in 2011. The record reached tops in radios like “Q2 Classic Music Radio” and “Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Classic FM”. The second album “Komitas” (ECM, 2015) managed to widen the horizon of Armenian music by honouring other Armenian musician – Komitas Vardapet (1869-1935). This composer, ethnomusicologist, arranger, singer and priest is held as an inventor of nowadays Armenian music that uniquely combined religious and secular sounds.

The “Gurdijieff Ensemble” subtle music is distinguihable for its’ forms, rituals which lead us closer to distant civilizations. One of the kind, soft, spacious and atmospheric. From soft, hypnotizing sounds of duduk to subtle passages and dances. Deep, mysterious sounds inspires its’ listeners and leads audience through endless paths of Armenian philosophical and artistic ideas.

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