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Calendar Icon March 27’th 19:00, ASG Arena Vilnius.

The megastar of drums „Kodo“ with their primevial power will give its one and only show in the Baltics.

Kodo‘s picturesque performance of taiko drums in the Baltics will be on stage at the ASG Arena in Vilnius on March 27th, 2024. Kodo, the carrier of an ancient Japanese drum tradition will come with a brand new program Warabe (Primeval Power) that will take the musicians back to the very beginning, to the roots of everything.

A unique pearl of world culture, Kodo, will celebrate their 43th year in 2024. The home of the group is on Sado Island, Japan, where taikos have been played and taught from generations to generations from times immemorial. Both teachers and disciples are totally dedicated and usually leave their home island only for concert tours.

Kodo presents an impressive performance of music and dance on a caleidoscope of drums with various sizes. The new program witnesses Kodo going back to its roots of classical repertoire that is simultaneously theatrical, exotic, masculine and utterly Japanese. Though different in topics, all the various parts of the show are equally demanding in skills of rhythm and synchronicity.

Ever since the beginning of their international career in 1981, Kodo has given over 6500 concerts on all the five continents. Their name Kodo means heartbeat – the foundation of all rhythms.



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