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Leon Beal and Sax Gordon


  • July 29th. 7 pm. Vingis park Botanical garden, Vilnius.
  • July 30th. 7 pm. Club Ramybė, Palanga
  • July 31st. 7 pm. Sakramento kiemelis, Kaunas.


  • LEON BEAL - vocal
  • SAX GORDON - saxophone
  • MARTINO BONI BEADLE - saxophone
  • LUCA GIORDANO – electric guitar
  • WALTER CERASANI – bass guitar
  • ABRAMO RITI - keyboard

It is difficult to find pure and authentic R&B and soul music authors on the scene of contemporary festivals. However, they exist and they come to Lithuania! Leon Beal – an American musician who fascinates listeners from all over the world, he was born in the scene of gospel music, grew up with traditions of blues and soul, and nowadays strongly strengthens the power of classical soul and R&B.

Leon Beal was born in Florida, Jasper city (USA), he started singing in the church, after moving to Boston he created a group called “The Apostles”, he was playing with “Ronald Ingram Concert Choir” and performing with the most famous American gospel heroes James Cleveland, “The Caravans” and Edwin Hawkins all across the USA. Another group “Joy-Ful” inspired by Leon Beal R&B has collaborated with the legends such as “The Temptations”, “Blue Magic”, “Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes”, “The Whispers”, and “The Stylistics”. Leon Beal also had the privilege to perform at private events including those for the presidents of the USA – Bill Clinton and Barack Obama!
In Lithuania, Leon Beal will be performing together with a frequent partner saxophonist Sax Gordon (USA) and “Luca Giordano Band” (Italy).

Sax Gordon is from Detroit, he has visited Lithuania more than once, and he is one of the most prominent saxophonists who can entertain anyone. He develops American R&B saxophone traditions, the artist has become a major player in the world, thanks to his aggressive and emotional style. The saxophone of Sax Gordon is highly brave, extremely expressive and rocky, it often balances on the horizon of wonderful chaos, and it is excellently successful – he is among the most desirable performers in recording studios, clubs and concert halls and can be heard on over a hundred CDs.

The voice of Leon Beal is incredible, connecting the classic soul of 1960s, R&B and today's sounds! With his rich vocal he can tear off the scene and force the earth to shake, especially as he gets help from Sax Gordon and „Luca Giordano Band“. This is a classic, stylish, fresh sound in its purest form – we invite you not to miss these summer dances!


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