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„Lo‘Jo“ – French magic


  • March 2nd 19h at Keistuoliai theatre, Vilnius
  • March 3rd 19h at VDU great hall, Kaunas


  • Performers: Denis Pean – vocal and keys
  • Nadia Nid El Mourid – vocal and percussion
  • Yamina Nid El Mourid – vocal, kamel n'goni, saxophone and percussion
  • Richard Bourreau – violin
  • Baptiste Brondy – drums 
  • Alexandre Cochennec – bass guitar

„Lo’Jo“ – it is a legendary sextet from France. Not going to their concert is almost indecent. This band performs more than 30 years and they have released 15 albums during that time. Also they have started a legendary festival in Mali “Festival in the Desert” and they have performed in such places all around the world that most of us have no idea of existing. Music of the band is always evolving and reminds us that people also evolve, change, progress, rebels. So be papered to be amazed even if you have heard this band performing before. Life is a constant change. And „Lo’Jo“ is using that unlimited possibilities to travel into unknown and unexpected ways of music.

„Lo’Jo“ music is variety of African swing, berbery blues, gypsy dances. This music has an aura that can’t be mistaken with another one. „Lo’Jo“ songs are full of poetry and intriguing. They are accompanied by piano, violin, Korean zither, oud, trumpet sounds and other exotical instruments. Those exotical instruments are as a trophies that are brought form musical wander, adventures and improvements in South Sahara, Tbilisi, Caucasus, Reunion islands in Indian Ocean, Argentina, Nepal and other unexpected places. As group leader Péan said: “I came from a region that has no unique music, no folklore and that is why I am going to build a fire out of every type of wood!”




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