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Mad Meg (USA)


  • November 5th 7pm Renginiu OAZE, Kaunas
  • November 7th 8.30pm club TAMSTA, Vilnius

Eclectic „Mad Meg“  is compared to „Gogol Bordello“, Tom Waits, Nick Cave, „Botanica“, „Balkan Beat Box“  and  „A Hawk And A Hacksaw“. Eclectic, blending different genres in their performance - from jazz to mariachi, from rock to Russian folk music, funk, pop, blues, avant-garde. The band describes their style  as punk chanson noir and contemporary cabaret.

Mad Med consists of the singer-songwriter Ilya Popenko with his unorthodox raspy baritone and a perpetually changing constellation of musicians. However, at the core of the band is always a Kazakh rock drummer Ruslan Baymurzin, Berkley educated jazz pianist Jason Laney, and a multifaceted Igor Reznik on bass.

Mad Meg's sound is rather eclectic. It has elements of jazz, classic rock, punk, Russian folk, and cabaret music. The songs, haunting and neurotic possess a fair amount of debauchery, tragicomedy, and nostalgia. Dark and awkward lyrics paint a disturbing picture of a daily life of a lone urban dweller set to the background of upbeat minor key melodies. In Ilya's words: " These are the anthems of The Great American Indoors"

Currently based in NYC, Mad Meg has released one EP titled Shake It Like You're Dead and a full length album Puberty Tales.


For seats in club TAMSTA, please call to club and reserve table + 370 611 56496, + 370 698 36121 and e-mail club@tamsta.com.


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