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Nomad music – “Huun-Huur-Tu” and “ANEWAL”


  • December 2  8pm. Keistuoliai Theatre, Vilnius
  • December 3 7pm Žalgirio amphitheater, Kaunas


  • 1 part Huun Huur Tu
  • 2 part ANEWAL

Nomad is a traveling tribes. They are unique and mysterious as places where they live. Those places are located in magnificent and at the same time harsh natural havens like deserts, steppes, tundra. Unfortunate but those kind of communities are on the edge of extinction. It is caused by urbanization development, industrialization. These are the reasons that have made nomads to change their life style and assimilate or move to the outermost regions of the world. They are in the constant unknown of the road and in the battle for the food and survival the only constant thing there is is nature with its beauty and elements. Nature, communality and deep believe created unique nomads traditions that expresses the strength of life’s volatility.

The real nomads are rear nowadays. But the traditional music of theirs amazes with the depth and exotic. If you want to get to know that culture you have to hurry – only in the beginning of December nomads culture will be represented by Mongolian steppe nomads “Huun-Huur-Tu” and tuaregs form Niger in Sahara desert “ANEWAL”. There will be two separate parts of the concert. The music of two different groups creates powerful, hypnotizing sound that transfers nomads experience and special feel of the nature. These bands are ambassadors of their culture and that is why it is a must to hear and see them perform. Also traditions are hard to be kept because of innovations and these bands managed to keep it.

Most of the members from both bends have already performed in Lithuania. They have performed separately and together. Performance of “Huun-Huur-Tu” and “Etran Finatwa” (“ANEWAL” bands leader and founder was vocal in the band) took place on fall of 2015 and there was no empty seat left also the performance lifted the audience to spaces of quality music.

First on the stage will perform “Huun-Huur-Tu” that was founded in 1992. This band is four musician band form Republic of Tuva. They do perform southern Siberian nomad’s tribe folk music. For several decades this is the band that represents traditional guttural singing (xöömei) for the world. While singing in guttural manner singer can perform several sounds at one moment. This central Asian style of singing can make singers voice sound like flute, whistle or a bird song.

“Huun-Huur-Tu” uses very exceptional traditional instruments by Mongolians and tuvians like two string igil, dumber khomus, lute doshpuluur, shaman drumm dünggür  and others. This acustical band dose perform traditional tuvian folk music but they do also experiment adding to traditions elements of western instruments, electronic music and cooperating with nowadays composers.

“Huun-Huur-Tu” has released then of solo albums and double that remixes and records with other performers or bands. They have cooperated with such famous artists like Frank Zappa, Johnny “Guitar” Watson, “Kodo Drummers”, “Moscow Art Trio”, “Kronos Quartet”, “Hazmat Modine”, “The Chieftains”, “The Bulgarian Voices – Angelite” and others. Album “Eternal” was recorded together with Alternative electronics producer and musician Carmen Rizzo. Remix of a song “Eki Attar” was elected the best hit in Greece in the summer of 2002.

The name of the band “Huun-Huur-Tu” means sunbeam that are seen only just before sunset on sunrise. They are always inspiring and exceptional as music they do create. Their music reflects natural nature’s world, steppe nomad’s life and culture in which Buddhism and shamanism overlaps. All this and more is being transmitted through live and breathing sound of the band.

The second band is “ANEWAL”. This band is widely recognized nomad band form Niger. This band is a project of a founder of the band “Etran Finatawa” Alhousseini Anivolla who is a great guitarist and singer. This band was assembled in Germany in 2014. This trio performs dessert blues, folk, ethno, world music and enters traditional African melodies into the new acoustic sound views.

“ANEWAL” keeps all over the world well known and liked by listener’s northern Africa’s desert nomad’s music elements. Those elements are hypnotizing, to the trans leading rhythms, sharp guitars of blues, warm and calm vocal and songs performed in native Tuareg Tamahek language. Strong concerts of “ANEWAL” leads listeners straight to the desert and real African stage with its cultural heritage, change, possibilities and at the same time loses and tragedies. Rarely can you hear anger and hopelessness to sound as sensitive and soft as in “ANEWAL” music.

First album (2012) of “ANEWAL” is like retrospective to tuareg bands “Tinariwen”, “Terakaft” and “Etran Finatawa”. The second album was released in 2017 and it is full of avant-garde sound. Western people call it desert blues. But this album is rock, blues and traditional music’s combination of styles.

“ANEWAL” music is wide and open as the desert of Sahara. They do carefully analyze deserts man and cities relations. Powerful voice of Alhousseini Anivolla reflects nostalgia to the beauty of desert, traditions and encourages us to remember native values. We are all responsible for keeping them alive and a transfer of that wisdom to younger generations.



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