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Otis Taylor ( USA )


  • 12th of July, Technical Library Garden, Vilnius
  • 13th  of July, TCombo” summer terrace, Kaunas

  •        Otis Taylor - voice, guitar, electric banjo, harmonica
  •        Anne Harris - violin
  •        Todd Edmunds - el bass
  •        Larry Thompson - drums
  •        Taylor Scott - electric guitar

Otis Taylor is an extraordinary artist who had experience working with the legendary “Deep Purple” member Tommy Bolin, musical improvisation by the great talent of Jimi Hendrix and recorded several songs for the album "Definition Of A Circle with Gary Moore. 

Otis Taylor's songs were included as the soundtrack to the popular Michael Mann film "Public Enemies," there starring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale.

Otis Taylor's creation works are influenced by  John Lee Hooker and James Brown. Otis Taylor - is a bright American blues star, whose work give us many intimate and unexpected musical stories, which focus on people and respect for the history of nations. In order to describe this artist works we need to use trance blues name. His music - it is hypnotizing, electronic instruments line, deep, open, and extremely well-directed texts while creating music emotion does not leave anyone apathetical. If you are Chris Rea, Dier Straights, JJ. Cale fan, then you love and Otis Taylor's music.



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