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  • 2022 December 18, 6pm „Oazė“, Kaunas
  • 2022 December 19, 7pm „Vakaris“, Vilnius


  • Sugar Blue – harmonica, vocals
  • Damiano Della Torre – keyboards, accordion
  • Ilaria Lantieri Whiting – bass guitar, vocals
  • Sergio Montaleni – guitar, vocals
  • Big Moe Punzi - drums
  • Ousmane Koulibaly - kamalengoni, balafon, djembe


Sugar Blue is a Grammy Award-winning harmonica genius best known for his signature riff and solo part on the Rolling Stones single Miss You. One of today's hottest harmonica virtuosos, he does things with the instrument that leave audiences breathless - purring, squealing, hissing, wailing - Blue's talent knows no bounds!

Sugar Blue (real name James Whiting) was born and raised in New York. After releasing his first album in the US as a teenager in 1975, Blue decided to move to Paris. Not for nothing - it was in Paris that Mick Jagger himself noticed him - the friendship between the musicians brought delicious fruits - Blue recorded 3 tracks with the Rolling Stones. This was followed by recordings and concert tours with legends Louisiana Red, Willie Dixon, Prince, Stan Getz, Bob Dylan and others.

During his career, Sugar Blue released 15 albums, appeared in several films, with Brownie McGhee in Angel Heart (1987) and The Perfect Age of Rock 'n' Roll (2008).

Sugar Blue comes to Lithuania with five no less eclectic musicians - this is his latest project "Colors" (and the music album of the same name). Colors traces the journey of the blues from Mississippi, New York and Chicago to its roots in Africa. On stage, we will also see the multi-instrumentalist Ousmane Koulibaly from Burkina Faso, who skillfully combines blues aesthetics and jazz language with African sounds and traditions.

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