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Roland Tchakounté (France / Cameroon) Afroblues King

Calendar Icon October 6 d. | door 17:30 | starts 18:30 | Kaunas sports hall

Roland Tchakounté stands as an original blues artist, living proof that Blues knows no boundaries. He is among the select few creators who have masterfully built a bridge between Africa and Black America’s ultimate art form – the blues.

The unique blues sound created by Roland Tchakounté is born from the fusion of his African roots with the deep American blues tradition. His ability to express his personal experiences and emotions through music is a true embodiment of the essence of blues - to live through, survive, often difficult and challenging life-driven situations, much like the pioneers of the genre. Singing in his native Bamileke dialect, which makes this artist unique, illustrates a masterful fusion of cultures and musical styles and is far from an obstacle to conveying the message carried by the songs, because the language of music is universal.

Born and raised in Cameroon, this singer and multi-instrumentalist began his professional career after moving to France and released his first album in 1999. Tchakounté's discography, consisting of six recordings, is a chronicle of his musical journey, with each album representing a unique part of a cohesive musical narrative that intimately and poetically speaks not only of deep personal experiences but also reflects the situation of his native continent.

Roland Tchakounté quickly gained recognition and acclaim in the world of blues music: as early as 2005, he became the first Cameroonian to be invited to the prestigious "Chicago Blues Festival," participated in the "Paris Jazz Festival," Montreal‘s and other major world music festivals, and toured Asia, America, his native African continent, and also visited Lithuania.

On the stage of the "Kaunas Blues" festival, Roland Tchakounté will present his latest album "Nguémé & Smiling Blues," which reflects the inseparable intercultural connections of his creation, showcases the artist's harmonious vision, celebrates African heroes, and portrays the everyday lives of ordinary Africans with all their hardships and joys. The emotional melodies and poignant lyrics transport listeners to the depth of his storytelling, on a journey where blues is not just a reflection of societal challenges but also a beacon of hope.

Roland Tchakounté's performance on the "Kaunas Blues" stage is an immersive journey through time and cultures. Roland Tchakounté's performance on the "Kaunas Blues" stage is an immersive journey through time through different cultures. His music is a celebration of diversity, an undeniable testament to the unifying power of the blues, a sense of community that unites all listeners.



Roland Tchakounte – lead vocal & electric guitar
Mick Ravassat - electric guitar
Antoine Arroyo – bass guitar
Leandro  Aconcha - keyboard
Steve Belmonte – drums


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