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Samba Touré (Mali)


  • March 21st 7 pm Culture center of Kaunas, Kaunas
  • March 22nd 7 pm Club Ramybė, Palanga
  • March 23rd 7 pm St. Catharine’s church, Vilnius


  • Samba Touré – guitar and vocal;
  • Djimé Sissoko – tamani, ngoni and vocal;
  • Souleymane Kane – calebash and vocal;
  • Mamadou Sidibé – bass guitar.

Sounds of nowadays Mali and Western Africa are often called the blues of the desert. The desert blues is so much similar to the Southern Americas blues that is easy for the listeners to accept it. The genre gained international acknowledgment due to this similarity. The desert blues is widely adaptable as like Delta blues is. After decades passed after Ali Farka Touré the desert blues now includes variations of Jimi Hendrix rock, optimistic sounds of reggae and traditions of folk that arrived from Tuaregs of Sahara.

A striking example of this genre is musical legend Samba Touré from Mali. He is coming to Lithuania to introduce his latest album “Wande” (2018) to Lithuanian audience. He is known as one of the best and most convincing guitar players of present Africa. He sincerely follows his mentor Ali Farka Touré that is often compared to masters of the guitar like John Lee Hooker. Samba Touré fascinates the listeners by his well-expressed and technically amazing guitar playing and his eloquent lyrics.

Samba Touré has not just been inspired by famous Ali farka Touré and Toumani Diabate but he also has collaborated with them. Samba Touré is guitarist, vocalist and composer. He creates harmonious combination of blues of the river Nile, traditional themes of Songaja and Western influences. He conveys through his songs the moral messages and introduces important cultural elements of Mali to the audience. The energetic music of the performer continues the late legacy of Ali Farka Touré blues and is widely appreciated both at home and abroad.

The newest album “Wande” was released last year. This album is being called the most impressive album. The initial version of the album was changed unexpectedly for the performer himself. Samba Touré realized after one recording session that the initial version of the album must be changed. And that was done and the album that was released is filled with great warmth and sounds like home – calmly and really natural. The album exceeded all expectations within two weeks. The album is filled with freshness, light, happiness, dance that is felt in every note and the main access is the rhythm and the African speaking drum tama. This is the only drum which can be used for playing eight notes and it is important traditional symbol that invites all to unite




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