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Sax Gordon and Luca Giordano Band (USA / Italy) The Master of Saxophone

Calendar Icon October 7 d. | door 17:30 | starts 18:30 | Kaunas sports hall

Sax Gordon - a true saxophone virtuoso, dedicated to the classic blues sound, enriched it with a modern twist, and developed a unique, wild, and captivating style. Exceptionally expressive, bold, and rock-inspired, Sax Gordon's upcoming performance at the "Kaunas Blues" festival with the “Luca Giordano Band“ promises a lively and vibrant show.

Gordon Beadle (the real name of the performer) has deeply ingrained the sound of his saxophone in American music genres, especially blues, jazz, soul, and rock 'n' roll, which have influenced not only the evolution of music but also this artist's career. Releasing his debut album "Have Horn Will Travel" in 1998, Sax Gordon established himself as a talented and recognizable saxophone master.

Throughout his illustrious career, this musician has much to boast about: twice honored with the prestigious "Trophees France Blues" awards in Europe, recognized with the "Blues Foundation Blues Award" three times, and nominated for the "W. C. Handy Blues Award" an impressive four times. Five solo albums and over 100 recordings alongside classic blues, jazz, and rhythm-blues performers, including Champion Jack Dupree, Kim Wilson, Bryan Lee, allowed him to deepen his expertise, refine his sound, and experiment.

S. Gordon is active and acknowledged not only in recording studios: characterized by unmatched energy and establishing a strong bond with the audience, he has shared the stage with stars like Jimmy Witherspoon, Matt "Guitar" Murphy, and many others.

Sax Gordon will present songs from his latest album on the 'Kaunas Blues' stage. With his distinct style, he will convey the music of American blues and soul stars from whom he has drawn inspiration."

Sax Gordon and Luca Giordano - a guitarist, singer, songwriter, and leader of one of Italy's highly acclaimed blues bands - continue their 17-year collaboration. They are true blues masters who will ignite a cheerful atmosphere with their music, inspiring both seasoned blues enthusiasts and a new generation of listeners.


Line up:

    Sax Gordon – saxophone, vocals
    Luca Giordano - guitar, vocals
    Abramo Riti – organ
    Walter Monini – bass guitar
    Fabio Colella – drums


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