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Titi Robin and Mehdi Nassouli (Marocco/France)


  • March 15th 7 pm Russian drama theatre of Lithuania, Vilnius
  • March 16th 7 pm VDU great hall, Kaunas


  • Titi Robin- guitar, bouzouq, ud
  • Mehdi Nassouli - bendir, gimbri, vokalas

Titi Robin is going to perform in March in Vilnius and Kaunas for the second time. He is known as strong visionary musician from France. This artist draw crowds of listeners up few years ago where he performed with world music project “Titi Robin Trio”. This time he is going to perform with Medhi Nassouli, young but talented gnawa musician from Morocco.

Titi Robin has a few qualities in his performances that is like a signature. He is very well known for his guitar skills, bouzouki playing skills and his travels full of creativity with Mediterranean region musicians. But his new project with Mehdi Nassouli is almost the most attractive, the most lyrical, and the gentlest in comparison with his previous works. The music of this duo varies from modern world music, folk music and the sensitivity of blues.

Titi Robin and Mehdi Nassouli released their first album called “Taziri” in 2015 April. They are going to introduce Lithuanian listeners to their new album. Mehdi Nassouli comes from rich family that is berber culture from south Morocco. His creative work is based on berber and gnawa musical heritage. Listeners can feel as if they were in exotic gnawa ceremonies and it is created through performers soft and lyrical voice, hypnotizing sounds of gimbri (gnawa bass stringed musical instrument) and bendir (traditional frame drum from North Africa).

Gnawa is trance music that originated from Sudan and Mali. This genre is rich of African Islamic religious songs and rhythms. Gnawa heritage connects ritual poetry with traditional African music and dance.

The music of album “Taziri” could be called blues of Mediterranean region. This music connects northern and south France and Morocco dividing sea as a bridge. The name of the album “Taziri” means moonlight in berber language. And the main idea of this album is that its music connects two same roots having cultures as a moonlight into one.

Listeners are mesmerized by skilful work of Titi Robin, bass motives of gnawa music, synthesis of percussion instruments of Morocco and European accordion and softly but sharp voice of Mehdi Nassouli invites to travel North West Africa. In their creative work you can hear hundreds of year’s heritage – African music. Blues originated from that.

The soul of this project is Titi (Thiery) Robin and his creative work. He performs over thirty years. His music is influenced by rich gypsy and Arabic cultures, Indian music and songs from Andalusia. He was born in Western France in the sixties. Titi Robin is self-taught musician. His musical world was created by instinctively using gypsy and Eastern music elements. He mixed and matched these genres even before world music genre was known. In the nineties he began to create very personal style of music that is called Mediterranean blues. He never went far from it in his music.

Titi Robin has a title of  one of the most interesting gypsy guitarist in nowadays France. He plays guitar in flamenco style mostly. This manner helps him to communicate strong influence of gypsy and Balkan music. Titi Robin has released twenty albums. His music is used in few soundtracks of movies. He contributes in some albums of other performers. There is three documentaries about him and his creative partners. He writes poetry.
This performer works with many projects like “River Banks”, “Jaadu”, “Kali Sultana l‘ombre du ghazal”, “Alezane”, “En Famille”, Danyel Waro & Titi Robin “Michto Maloya”, “Jivula”, Michael Lonsdale and many more. His work “Gitans” was recognized by world class critics as strongest album of the year and is being held one of the best record of gypsy music in history.

The duo of Titi Robin and Mehdi Nassouli is artistic, original in songs and instruments. It is uncommon project of Titi Robin. It does not have anything to do with any norms. It is full of fantasy. Album “Taziri” exceeds listeners expectations by his alchemy, esthetics, ability to invite for a dance or soft nostalgia. This music is positive, rich, unrevealing beauty of this world and unity of human origin.



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