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TONI GREEN (USA) Memphis Diva

Calendar Icon October 7 d. | door opens 17:30 | start 18:30 | Kaunas sports hall

Meet Toni Green, the dynamic and soulful songstress whose powerful voice and heartfelt performances have captivated audiences worldwide.

Hailing from Memphis, Toni's musical journey, spanning over five decades, began in a home filled with jazz, gospel, and rhythm & blues influences. With a versatile vocal range and a profound understanding of various musical styles, Toni Green's music stands as a seamless blend of soul and blues, reflecting her diverse influences and personal experiences.

Her performances are a soulful journey through time, connecting the audience with the essence of the blues and leaving them yearning for more. Whether belting out powerful ballads or delivering foot-tapping, groove-laden tunes, Toni's passion for music shines through, making her a must-see artist.

Toni Green's musical journey began in 1970 as part of "Imported Moods," recording her debut single. She gained prominence in the 70s and 80s with Gene "Bowlegs" Miller's band and contributed vocals to established artists. In the 90s, she released her first solo album, "Mixed Emotions" (1998), followed by several more CDs and singles in the 2010s. Her collaboration with "Malted Milk" led to the well-received "Milk and Green" album in 2015, showcasing her versatility and solidifying her status as a talented artist.

The Memphis Diva is back, ready to take the "Kaunas Blues" scene by storm with her renewed vision of artistry. In 2022, Toni Green unveiled her latest album, "Memphis Made," a powerful musical journey influenced by her reflections on the state of the world. The album embraces lush vocal harmonies and powerful messages, addressing contemporary issues and celebrating the enduring spirit of love and resilience. It also pays homage to the legends that shaped Toni's musical journey, including Isaac Hayes, J. Blackfoot of the Soul Children, Al Green, Little Milton, William Bell, and countless others with whom she had the privilege to work.

Join Toni Green on this soul-stirring adventure as she showcases her artistry and brings forth a timeless blend of soul and blues. Every music lover must see a true diva on stage.



Toni Green – vocal
Thomas Planque - bass
Eddy Leclerc - guitar
Benoit Sourisse - keys
Paul Héroux - drums


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