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Violons Barbares - guttaral singing, amazing violin‘s sound and percussion beat


  • February 3  7pm. KEISTUOLIAI Theatre, Vilnius
  • February 4  7pm. VDU Great Hall, Kaunas


  • Dandarvaanchig Enkhjargal – guttarl singing,  Morin Khoor
  • Dimitar Gougov – gadulka
  • Fabien Guyot – percusion, vocal

The name of the band can be accounted for by the fact that two of the musicians play folk stringed instruments. Their music is a refreshing mixture of the national traditions of the three countries, at times reminiscent of a rock song. They take the listener on a journey throughout the world: one can hear the  thudding of hooves across the wilderness of the Mongolian steppe, mellifluous tunes of romantic France and soulful songs of open-hearted Bulgaria.

Dandarvaanchig Enkhjargal 
Born in Ulan Baator, Mongolia, he grew up a nomad on the taiga with his family and their herd of horses. His gift for music was discovered by talent scouts. He studied music at the Ulan Baator Conservatory and became the disciple of the famous morin khuur master, Professor Jamjan. He has lived in Europe (Germany) since 1989 and often performs with other world-music musicians.

Dimitar Gougov
Born in Bulgaria, Dimitar has been surrounded by traditional music since his early childhood. He studied under Atanas Vultchev, grand master of the gadulka, and performed with the Philip Koutev Ensemble. In 2000, he arrived in France and set himself up in Strasbourg, where he founded the groups Boya and Violons Barbares. He also composes and arranges for a female choir and animates study sessions on Balkan music.

Fabien Guyot
Fabien studied contemporary percussions in Nice and in Strasbourg, and discovered Iranian and Maghrebi percussions at the same time. As a member of the association l’Assoce Pikante in Strasbourg, he took part in the founding of the groups Hijâz Car, Shezar and the Grand Ensemble de la Méditerranée. He has also performed with Houria Aichi and is a member of the recycled percussions group Furieuz Casrols.



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